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Liso Mágico

Liso Magico Smooth Serum is a thermoactive treatment for a long-lasting smooth effect. It is activated through blow-dryer heat and its active ingredients focus on the external part of the hair, realigning the cuticles, providing a smooth effect for a prolonged time.

Smooth effect activated by heat. The more it is used, the smoother the hair becomes. Multiple benefits:


  • Instant smooth effect
  • Sealed ends
  • Hair free of frizz
  • Thermal protection
  • Prolongs the effect of the Plastica Dos Fios active treatment.


Efecto liso activado por calor. Cuanto más se usa más liso queda. Multiples beneficios en un producto:

1. Protección térmica

2. Efecto liso memoria

3. Brillo inmediato

4. Suavidad del cabello

Use con cabello húmedo.


  • Shinesilk: Shield defending against the aggressions of the dryer and board! Its thermoactivated action protects up to 230 ° C.
  • Açaí: Powerful ally to give up on the health of the locks! Restores the integrity of the strands making them nourished and shiny.
  • Softliss: Infallible weapon to tame the wires! With the memory effect, the more you use, the smoother it comes. " "Professional Application

How to use:

Daily Use
1. With clean, damp hair, spray Liso Mágico from root to tip.
2. Proceed to brush the hair
3. Iron strand by strand for the best result.

Memory Effect Mode
1. On clean, damp hair, spray the Liso Mágico on damp hair along the length of the strands.
2. Proceed with the brush to align the hair and that's it!

Anti-frizz effect Mode
1. Apply the Liso Mágico on clean hair
2. Let your hair dry naturally 



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